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Quit Smoking for Good

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Quit Smoking for Good

Quit smoking – in 6 weeks or less – with this breakthrough smoking cessation program

This natural, drug free, nicotine-free program is for
those who have tried to quit but went back

Quit smoking for good, and never have the urges again


Quit Smoking For Good Cover
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If you’ve tried to quit smoking, but ended going back,
now there’s an all-natural program that helps you to
quit smoking, by reversing the addiction process

  • Discover why it’s so hard to quit smoking, and how you can use that to your advantage
  • Break down the process, so it’s one step at a time
  • No cold turkey and no shock to your system
  • Gradual 6 week process
  • Includes a process to eliminate weigh gain
  • Free Rewards program to make the process fun

Coaching support is available
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Quit Smoking for Good is a 6-week program

For the first 3 weeks

  • you gradually reduce your habit
  • you break down the habit into separate rituals
  • you prepare replacement rituals

For the next 3 weeks

  • you actually do the “quitting”
  • you replace smoking rituals with new rituals
  • you recite daily positive intentions
  • you set up a Rewards plan to celebrate your success

The Three sections of this program include:

  1. PDF ebook: “The ten things you must know about habits before you can quit smoking.”
  2. The four steps to Quit Smoking
  3. 8 smoking cessation worksheets
  4. PDF Ebook Using Rewards to achieve your objectives

Quit Smoking for Good –

Quit smoking PayPal snippet – $27

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