Jessica Success Story


Jessica success story

How a college grad named Jessica turned her business administration degree into a gourmet food career

Many college graduates are faced with a jobs market that simply doesn’t have a job in their chosen career field.

A college graduate in St Louis area named Jessica faced this same problem.

Her college degree in business administration opened up few corporate management opportunities in the 2012 job market. She was very frustrated, and her friends were having the same problems.

Jessica ordered my Define Your Career eBook along with 2 coaching consults.

During our second consult, we played a little game called “mix and match” that I had learned from Fredric Lehrman’s program called Prosperity Consciousness.

We took the self-assessment exercises she had done in Define Your Career, and listed her talents, what community she enjoyed, and other lists and wrote each one on a sticky note. Jessica then put them all in a jar and shook it up.

She then picked two slips at a time, to generate a list of paired words. Music and ice cream was one pair. Didn’t see what she could do with that one. Then Gourmet Food and Sales were paired, and the light bulb in her mind lit up.

She excitedly began to form a business plan in her mind right then and there. Four months later, she emailed me to tell me “I’m generating almost $600 a week in profit from this business venture out of my parent’s home and I’m planning to build a website to grow it even larger!”

Jessica’s case study success story reveals how you never know what career you will define – or how – till you go through the process and give it a creative try.

She defined her talents, and the other three factors of an optimal career, and used them as the raw material to build a path to her optimal business, gourmet food.

You can do it too

These and other success stories like this give me tremendous personal satisfaction.

They also give me confidence that you, too, can reinvent yourself, pivot to a new career, or find additional value in yourself by identifying your optimal career purpose.

You never know what options will open up for you when you look for them. This is why one of my mottos is “millions are waiting for you.”

It is never too soon or too late to try.

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