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Grace’s Career Success Story

Success Story - Graces Creations -

The story of Graces Creations: how Grace defined a $15,000 a year sewing career

A single mom in Ohio, struggling to make ends meet as a customer service clerk, went through CareerPlan Pro, but was frustrated about her results that showed her optimal career would be after-care and physical therapy for patients recovering  from surgeries and injuries.

She did not speak good English, having come from the Dominican Republic as an adult, and only had a GED High School diploma.

A college degree was impossible for her to manage at this point, and with a hungry teenager to take care of, she couldn’t see a solution.

We spoke at length for 3 consults, where the discussion turned to what other skills or hobbies she enjoyed that she could leverage.

Turned out, since she didn’t have a lot of money to go out, she would watch TV and sew her own clothes, including dresses, pants, blouses, pillows, curtains, tablecloths, etc.

She didn’t think she could sell clothes she made, but she thought she could do well with pillows and curtains, which were fast and easy. We hatched an Action Plan for her to contact interior designers with her custom made curtains and pillows.

Within 2 months of following the Define Your Career Action Plan, she had as much business as she could handle, earning an average of $300 extra per week in her little side business, that she named Grace’s Creations.

I haven’t heard from Grace recently, but I’m sure she’ll soon be able to attain her dream of taking English classes and going to a Community college to be a medical assistant. If nothing else, she raised her standard of living by $15,000 a year doing something she enjoys and that is making many homes in Ohio a lot more beautiful.

What is your career destiny?

These and other success stories like this give me tremendous personal satisfaction.

They also give me confidence that you, too, can reinvent yourself, pivot to a new career, or find additional value in yourself by identifying your optimal career purpose.

You never know what options will open up for you when you look for them. This is why one of my mottos is “millions are waiting for you.”

It is never too soon or too late to try.

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