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Success Story in Costa RicaHow Emily satisfied her travel passion and got a raise at the same time:

a career change success story

A recent client, we’ll call her Emily, found her career and personal purpose by combining two of her loves. It is instructive on what is possible for you.

Emily was stuck in a well paying, but non-satisfying 9 to 5 job as a psychology professional at a large state-run NJ institution.

She was truly fed up with her job. She enjoyed working with patients, but it just did not satisfy her to be stuck in an office all day, in a regimented Government institution, with a bossy manager. What to do?

She ordered my three week CareerPlan Pro program in July, 2009 and a week later, after completing the assessment portion, Define Your Career, she contacted me for her first coaching session to help her put her career purpose into action.

We looked at each of the four factors of a defined career together. There was no question that she was clear about her values and her talents. Where she was not meeting her needs were her interests.

For example, she was very involved with traveling with her Church Community, having served in Africa in the 1990’s. She traveled through several countries doing the work of her church ministries for 3 years.

Emily absolutely loved travel, and there was never a conversation with her, where her passion for travel was not expressed.

Once I got over my surprise that she wanted to leave a flexible, $70,000 a year job, I was able to understand how badly she wanted to transition out of her current career to be in a career where she and her family could be involved with travel.

We brainstormed for a half hour, and came up with a bunch of combinations of talents and passions that would work best.

We didn’t come up with a specific solution, so I ended our conversation and made a recommendation. I told her to look at her Intentions before going to sleep, and let her subconscious work on them while she slept.

She was due to go to Florida for a family vacation the following week. It was one of those vacations where you sit in for a 2 hour time-share presentation in return for free 3 day stay at a resort. So we set an appointment to talk again in three weeks.

On her return from her vacation, she called me ecstatic and filled with joy. “Larry, it’s amazing! While I was on vacation in Florida, I received a job offer from the time-share company to be in travel marketing!” She was due to leave NJ in time to register the kids for school in Florida.

Last October she emailed me from Naples, Florida. She and her 2 children were happily enjoying their new life in Florida, and she was already planning for travel to 2 countries in South America next spring.

And her income level actually had increased by about $10,000 per year. It was truly a win-win for her, she was able to escape her “cubicle hell” and do what she loved most for a living:  pursue her passion for travel.

By going through the 4 factors of her optimal career in the Define Your Career process, then brainstorming the results, we were able to completely turn around Emily’s life from one of a hum-drum bore to a life of joy, prosperity and working with her ideal community – the travel industry. 

You can do it too

These and other success stories like this give me tremendous personal satisfaction.

They also give me confidence that you, too, can reinvent yourself, pivot to a new career, or find additional value in yourself by identifying your optimal career purpose.

You never know what options will open up for you when you look for them. This is why one of my mottos is “millions are waiting for you.” It is never too soon or too late to try.

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